Corporate governance code

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Corporate Governance Code

In August 2013 the General Meeting of shareholders of PJSC PrioCom adopted the Corporate Governance Code. The Code serves as a guarantee to protect the shareholders interests. The ground of the Code is a system of principles, fixed by the Code of Corporate Conduct which is recommended by the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market of Ukraine. The company monitors the development of the world's best practices in corporate governance, as well as changes to guidance documents and tries to apply them in own corporate governance practices.

The main provisions of the Code are confirmed by official regulatory documents and comply with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

The Code states the principles of corporate governance, shareholder rights, the primary role of the Supervisory Board in the overall management of the company and the determination of its development strategy, the principles of the Supervisory Board and the Executive Body, the authorities of the Corporate Secretary, company's commitment to maximum disclosure of their activities, as well as ensuring control over financial and economic activity.

Advantages of the Code

Adhering to the stated principles of corporate governance and to the policy of information openness and transparency, the company obeys the standards of the current legislation of Ukraine and standards of corporate governance accepted in world practice, increases the level of interaction between all the shareholders of the Company, the Supervisory Board and the management.

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