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In 2013 PrioCom builds 20 000 km of networks in total, becomes the first integrator who implements the 100G bandwidth channels on Cisco equipment in Ukraine and takes part in the state-level project with “Ukrainian special systems”.

During the year the company executes over ten large-scale projects for domestic and foreign companies, including the implementation of Fixed Mobile Convergence solution to unite fixed-line and mobile connections of the Ukrainian operator Kyivstar and the implementation of OSS system to automate broadband the Kazakh operator 2Day Telecom.

PrioCom extends its solution portfolio and industry expertise and offer new offers to the market – virtualization of servers and data storage systems, “clever” IT infrastructure for buildings, cloud IT services.

The company successfully passes the certification audit on compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 in software development services. PrioCom confirms its regular partnership status of the world technology leaders - Cisco, Juniper and Oracle, and becomes a partner of international providers of IT solutions - NetApp, EMC, VMware and Citrix.

In 2013 PrioCom is in TOP-3 of Ukrainian system integrators according to the results of the industry research, prepared by the Ukrainian publishing house PCWeek/UE.


In 2012 PrioCom continues to cooperate actively with the largest Ukrainian telecom operators.

PrioCom executes the projects for the Ukrainian national operator Ukrtelecom. The company successfully completes projects on building the regional DWDM-networks and expansion of broadband access network on ADSL2 technology. In April, PrioCom completes the project on implementation of the integrated multi-level security system for corporate network infrastructure for Ukrtelecom. Besides, PrioCom also provides the services of full support of telecommunication equipment for the national operator.

During the year PrioCom executes the works on project on the regional and metro DWDM-networks construction for the Ukrainian mobile operator Kyivstar. Also, the company wins the tender for the modernization and reconstruction of the DWDM-network of mobile operator "MTS Ukraine".

In 2012 PrioCom confirms the Cisco Silver Partner status for the eighth time. And in October the company becomes the silver sponsor of the tenth Kiev conference Cisco Expo – one of the remarkable events in IT industry.

According to the results of the research carried out by the All-Ukrainian rating magazine “GVardia” in 2012 PrioCom holds the second position in the rating of the efficient IT enterprises, and the Chairman of Board of PrioCom Vladislav Boboshko is in the best top five managers of Ukrainian IT industry.


2011 year is one of the most successful years at PrioCom history. The company implements and launches a record number of large-scale projects, thus exerting a considerable effect on the activities of all major telecom operators in the country.

PrioCom successfully completes a project on expand and modernize the national optical network operator in Ukraine – Ukrtelecom Company. As a result of the project the modernization of infrastructure of the existing optical backbone operator’s DWDM-network was carried out, the specialists created all necessary conditions for the organization of a new traffic model for the IP/MPLS-network, as well as the bandwidth of the main channels on the inner and outer areas was increased (international crossings with Poland Hungary and Slovakia).

The third stage of a major project on upgrade the network infrastructure of data centers for Ukrtelecom Company was finished. As a result of the third phase of the project the structured system of infrastructure based on DWDM technology was upgraded between data centers in Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkov.

The project on modernization the management system for DWDM-network for the operator MTS Ukraine was successfully implemented. As a result of the project the modernization of the existing hardware and software management systems (PAX) of the transport DWDM-network to version 9.2.1 was carried out, as well as there all the necessary conditions to ensure the smooth operation of the system were created for the best service quality of the operator.

At the end of the year PrioCom completed the project on implementation an integrated multi-level security system of corporate network infrastructure for Ukrtelecom Company.

PrioCom Company is launching a project on building the regional and city DWDM-networks for Kyivstar Company. This project will be phased in around 2-3 years and will let expand the geography of the broadband access to the Internet service ("Home Internet") by providing high-speed channels for each area.

A project on the organization of the optical channels for broadcast during the football championship Euro-2012 in Kiev for Ukrtelecom was launched.

In the field of information technology PrioCom conducted planned development of OSS-control IP-based services (universal system of accounting and management of IP-based services) for Ukrtelecom, including the modernization of processing applications for services, the expansion module ResourceInventory, the activation of new services.

PrioCom Company introduces two software products for telecom operators. System Activation module allows the addition of new services and subscribers,System  Execution - authentication, authorization, and accounting services.

In November 2011 PrioCom Company successfully passes recertification quality management system in compliance with the international standard ISO 9001:2008 in the field of systems integration and professional services to telecom operators.

PrioCom confirms the status of silver partner of Cisco Systems, Juniper Elite partner in Ukraine, the golden partner of Oracle. PrioCom Chairman of the Board Vladislav Boboshko took place among the 10 best top-managers of Ukraine according to the Top 100 magazine.

In 2011 PrioCom announces collaboration with the global manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and network solutions provider – ZTE Corporation.


Since the beginning of 2010 PrioCom starts the elaboration of new solutions in the field of Information Systems OSS / BSS – StandART. StandART Software is a comprehensive solution used to automate operational business processes of telecom operators. Products StandART correspond to the concept NGOSS (New Generation Operation System and Software) and models eTOM, SID, TAM; they also take into account the world's best management practices by telecommunications companies.

PrioCom continues to develop and implement the SDH and DWDM data transmission technologies using ROADM technology when working with the leading telecommunication operators in the country.

The project on development of the transport SDH-networks for Kyivstar has been successfully implemented. As a result the subscriber base has been increased, the range of telecommunication services and their quality has been extended.

In spring 2010 PrioCom announced the realization of the third phase of IP/MPLS network (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) construction for Kyivstar. As the result of the third phase of development the geography of the existing IP/MPLS network operator was expanded, thus increasing the bandwidth of communication channels in five regions, as well as improving the network functionality.

In June 2010 PrioCom accomplished the project on expanding and modernization of the backbone DWDM transport MTS-Ukraine network in several major Ukrainian cities including Kiev, Zhitomir, Odessa, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk.

PrioCom successfully passed recertification as a silver partner of Cisco Systems.

According to the PCWeek/UE magazine PrioCom company was chosen as the best systems integrator in the field of telecommunications.


The activity of the PrioCom Company makes a huge contribution to the development and work of all the major telecommunications operators in the country.

The work on developing and improvement of the transport SDH-networks and backbone MPLS-network for Kyivstar is being continued; transport networks based on DWDM and SDH technologies for MTS-Ukraine and Beeline are being developed.

The 4-5 classes softswitch equipment is delivered for Farlep Company; the service backup when operating IP data network is provided.

As a result of such an efficient activity PrioCom Company entered the top three systems integrators in Ukraine.


PrioCom accumulates experience in building operator’s networks, develops a networks support methodology and creates a set of service support products. Mutually beneficial cooperation between PrioCom and the leading telecom operators also goes on. MPLS-network is being constructed and the MPLS-core migration for Kyivstar is being accomplished. This project is recognized as the best IT-project in its category at the CiscoExpo-2008 Conference. MTS-Ukraine and Beeline networks are being enlarged and modernized.

The new research direction is being created and developed. It is aimed to collect and analyze new ideas and products in the telecommunications market, as well as the optimal choice of product and technical concepts for telecom operators. Technical base is our own laboratory of the operator’s solutions.

PrioCom is certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2000 quality system in the field of system integration and professional services to telecom operators.


The year of 2007 was remarkable for PrioCom for unprecedented large-scale projects of optic and packet networks implemented to the order of Ukraine’s leading telecommunication operators. In course of the year, the company commissioned the 11 thousand km long multi-service Beeline network with 129 sites using Huawei Technologies equipment. Within the project framework, PrioCom for the first time acted as the general contractor responsible to the operator for turnkey networking. All operations – network design, fiber delivery, operations of installation and tuning of SDH and DWDM equipment, net-wide deployment and adjustment of the control system – were arranged by PrioCom.

In cooperation with worldwide equipment suppliers, such as Cisco Systems and ECI Telecom, Kyivstar and MTC Ukraine networks were upgraded and expanded.

The company employees worked out specification documents concerning the architecture of a third generation mobile network (3G) of the UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System standard. PrioCom specialists calculated the UMTS net workload at connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN), interface of the 3G network with mobile operator networks and PSTN, and calculated the network construction cost and repayment period.

The new specializations acquired by Cisco Systems – Storage Specialization, Expressed Unified Communication and Security VPN/Firewall Express Specialization – expanded PrioCom’s expertise in advanced and optimally cost-effective networking solutions. Additionally, PrioCom became a Microsoft partner in the competence of the Networking Infrastructure Solution.

2007 saw structural changes within the Corporation. On the basis of PrioCom’s Software Directorate, Pyxus 2006 company was established – a professional developer of applied software for telecommunication operators and financial institutions with a line of ART software products known as StandART.

2005 - 2006

The company continues to introduce and implement unique projects on the  high technology market through the segment of telecommunication operators and financial institutions of Ukraine.  In 2005, on the basis of ECI Telecom equipment the digital transport network of Kyivstar was significanly improved. The team of PrioCom not only designed the network, installed the setting elements and connected it with the existing SDH-network, but also designed and implemented the MPLS service network.  A turnkey DWDM network  between Kiev and Lvov was installed for  Ucomline.

During this year the company was participating in several projects for the largest telecommunication operator of the country.  The first one is the development of the network complex of IP service and a dial-up Internet access. As a result, the service of  a non-password access is available to Ukrainians. The second partnering project of PrioCom is an installation of a MPLS network. The usage of the MPLS technology in the development of the main segment of a multiservice network allowed the operators to provide several new service, for example, virtual private network.

As a result of won tenders, PrioCom possess the right to distribute an IP-equipment to Golden Telecom, Utel, Oschadbank, and 27 State Tax Administrations during 2005.

Along with the traditioncal  system integration  our company actively worked on software development and application last year. There are realized new services that expand functional capabilities of billing systems and grant to Client new perspective for business growth.

Among new services:

  • management of service DSL-fast access to the Internet (up to 2 Mb/s);
  • management of service Open access;
  • management of service Contract access;
  • management of service Open IP-telephony;
  • management of pre-paid card service;
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN).


The  most significant success of PrioCom was achieved due to an extensive partnership with well-known telecommunication equipment manufacturers.  Our partnership with Alcatel allowed us to install  a digital transport network for UMC on "Main Ring" without opearational delays or the loss of traffic.

The same year a corporate IP-telephony network and an audio-conference system were put into operation in Oschadbank. The system was built on Cisco Systems equipment. The universal network of voice, data and video transferring was constructed for a Ukrainian division of Vneshtorgbank. A call processing center (Call-Center), based on Cisco Intelligent Contact Manager (ICM) complex was installed in Raiffeisenbank.

The wide usage of IP-report networks allowed the development of new business services, e-banking in particular. One of such systems, HP Nimius, developed by Swiss specialists (objectively recognized as the best product in Europe in this sphere), the personal of PrioCom Kiev office have successfully installed in Ukreximbank. The system was installed in cooperation with Hewlett Packard Consulting.

A segment of a packet based network of Ukrtelecom, the largest operator of the traditional communication in Ukraine, is realized substantially on the base of Cisco Systems equipment.

The new Department of planning and engineering, armed with all necessary licenses and greater practical experience of the company’s experts, was created in 2004.

The new product, able to simplify and accelerate evolution of the clients’ business, - a set of ready telecommunication decisions for small and medium business - was let out. So new direction of PrioCom’s activity was promoted, it was information technologies consulting. Knowledge and professional skills of experts, unique experience in creation of the most perspective decisions and the services, saved up for 5 years of working in the Ukrainian market of high technologies, should promote increase of efficiency of the national enterprises’ activities in the field of information technologies.

For years PrioCom reliably fixed the leadership positions in sector of IT-decisions for telecommunication operators and took the strong positions of the system integrator for financial establishments and large industrial enterprises of Ukraine. PrioCom installed an integrated data and computer system at the Antonov Design Bureau, this technical complex has become a widely known project in the industrial market of the country. The project had been continuing by the complex modernization of the automated processing of flying test materials, so that the construction of the local computer network and cable system was completed.


Among clients are leading telecommunication operators of Ukraine, banks and industrial enterprises. PrioCom realized telecommunication projects for such operators of communication as Utel, Ukrtelecom, Golden Telecom.

The Ukrainian office has concentrated not only on the telecommunication sector, but also on the sector of large banks and industrial enterprises which have problems with building of own corporate networks taking into account high demands for safe and guaranteed information flows. Among the first projects in this area are corporate networks for Coca-Cola and Ukreximbank, multiservice networks for Raiffeisenbank, ProKredit and Mriya banks.

Key clients of the Company are bank Aval and Ukrsotsbank. We render our services to NRB-Ukraina Bank, VaBank, Allonge Bank, ProminvestBank (PIB), Bank Kiev, Ukrainian Credit Bank, EnergoBank, Natsionalny Credit Bank, Bank Finance&Credit.

PrioCom is proud of its successful projects implemented for Antonov Design Bureau, Obolon, Zaporozhstal, Naftagaz Ukrainy, Ukrgazdobycha, and other leading Ukrainian companies, embassies and representative offices.

The web-mail system UkrPost which serves at present several thousand clients is well-known in Ukraine. This system was built and installed by conducting developers of the American corporation in view of experience of the realization of world-famous systems Hotmail and Yahoo.

By the end of the year PrioCom Corp. has sold its network to several operators, completely refused of the operator activity. From this moment the efforts of corporation were concentrated on professional services in the field of telecommunication networks building, development and management.

2001 - 2002 years 

The project dealt with building multi-service main network for Utel on the basis of MPLS technology was one of the first one this year. In the record terms the network was built and put into operation. The first project was followed others. One of them is the project of delivering and putting into operation of two softswitches Cisco PGW2200 - flexible multi-protocol Media Gateway Controllers - for Utel and Golden Telecom Companies. The works were preceded by additional training so that PrioCom has been acquired the right from Cisco Systems for direct deliveries of software and a full cycle of works for decision commissioning.

An integrated on-line credit management system was created and installed at Ukrsotsbank as a continuation of developing strategic directions of Company’s Kyiv office – the software development.

2000 year 

PrioCom Corp. has been promptly growing. It has its own sites in San Francisco, London, Amsterdam, Kiev, New York, and expansion of this list was planned in Bangkok, Berlin, Milan, Hong Kong, Madrid, Miami, Paris, Palermo, Rome, Tel Aviv and Zurich. Such rates should draw attention of existing operators.

One of the basic directions of activity of the Ukrainian office is granting telecommunication services. Clients of the Company are the first in Ukraine who use the IP-telephony services. The networks and digital channels are under construction for corporate customers, Company provides the access to the Internet on the leased lines. PrioCom provides access to financial services for financial establishments. Also the Company connects ATMs to bank’s networks.

21, December, 1999

PrioCom Corp. was based in USA. The Company was created as the international operator of communication services based on the new technologies, in particular, on technologies of batch switching. Other American corporation - USA Soft-Tronik Corp., owning the part of actives of PrioCom Corp. has acted in a role of the system integrator and of the basic business-adviser in the projects on construction of the international network based on batch switching. Since 1993 USA Soft-Tronik Corp. accumulated an experience in the construction of telecommunication networks of various scale. The leading telecommunication companies became the strategic partners of PrioCom Corp. They were MCI WorldCom in North American continent and Cable and Wireless and Colt Telecom in Europe. The company Kiev online was chosen by the results of competition as a partner of PrioCom Corp. in Ukraine. In Ukraine interests of PrioCom Corp. are represented by the Joint-Stock Company PrioCom. It is the enterprise with foreign investments. An active work of the Ukrainian corporate office has resulted in the conclusion of some strategic bargains, in many respects predetermined the further development the PrSC PrioCom

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