Building a National Optical Network for Beeline

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Building a National Optical Network for Beeline

Project Goals

  • to build a Beeline high capacity transport network that will cover all the major cities of Ukraine;
  • to set into operation the network will be robust enough to support over 3 million subscribers;
  • to create a basis for the introduction of the third generation (3G) services.


In the project of building a national optical network for Beeline PrioCom for the first time performed various contractor’s responsibilities – not only the laying out of fiber-optical network, but also URS customization and installation of the transmission system based on DWDM and SDH equipment.

The Beeline network was built with the OptiX family Huawei equipment. The choice of this equipment was based on configuration flexibility of DWDM and SDH equipment and also on its manageability and comparatively low power consumption. The optical network supports the SDH intelligent platform and ensures multi-service data transfer (MSTP) with automatic network commutation (ASON).

The first stage of the network development included the laying out of a 4000 km of backbone fiber-optical lines that covered all the main backbone sections. The network segment that was put into operation consists of 34 URSs (Unattended Regeneration Stations), 24 of which have DWDM and SDH equipment installed. The remained 10 stations use SDH equipment only. During the first project phase a data transfer at two wavelengths was arranged in several main directions with the transmission rate of 2х10 Gb/s.

The backbone expansion and modernization process consists of three phases: building the East, Central, and West rings. The overall length of the Beeline backbone fiber-optical network is expected to measure 11 000 km with the number of sites reaching 129. The network will cover all the cities and district centers in the company’s activity area.

The project was successfully implemented due to strictly regulated and neatly organized interaction among all subcontractors: Atracom, the fiber-optical communication line supplier, and Huawei, the equipment developer.


The National DWDM and SDH Beeline network can transfer any type of data with high speed over large distances (more than 1 thous. km) with no signal regeneration. The network bandwidth in its maximal configuration can reach 1.9 Tb/s.

The network was designed taking into consideration specific demands of mobile communication service providers. The network has a ring topology and can be easily integrated into a city fiber-optical communication lines. Optical lines are stretched along the major highways, which is beneficial for accessing vast mobile communication coverage.

The installed transport network is fully owned by Beeline. The company can use this advantage to offer a higher quality and more reliable services for its subscribers later on. In the first phase, Beeline managed to put into operation the EDGE service in the majority of the largest Ukrainian cities. Beeline’s corporate clients offer new services and support reliable functioning of resource-intensive networks and applications.

Putting the fist backbone network segment into operation enables Beeline to significantly cut the cost of the line lease to other mobile service providers.

The installed equipment is expected to ensure effective use of bandwidth, optimal traffic management, higher network security, and dynamic network resource allocation.

PrioCom in cooperation with its subcontractors worked hard to create the power supply infrastructure and the conditioning system for the URS premises. Neat engineering and design made it possible to completely avoid undesirable risks associated with the lack of coordination between subcontractors and also reduce the time necessary to perform validation tests. As a result, a vast high-capacity fiber-optical network was created in a shortest possible time.

All the work for creating the National Transport Network is planned to be completed later in 2007.

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