Improvement of MTS-Ukraine‘s backbone network based on DWDM and MPLS technologies.

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Improvement of MTS-Ukraine‘s backbone network based on DWDM and MPLS technologies.

Project goals

  • To prepare the network for implementation of 3G mobile services.
  • To create a universal IP/MPLS infrastructure with a reliability level of 99,999% and to guarantee a quality service for any kind of IP traffic.


The project was divided into two simultaneously executed tasks:

  1. The construction of a backbone transport network using DWDM technology.
  2. The installation of an IP network on the basis of MPLS technology.

Backbone DWDM network covered Kiev, Odessa, Lvov and Chop and included 42 transport nodes. The network is created on a basis of optical transport platform ONS 15454 Cisco Systems. The design of the network allowed the increase of the node capacity and flexibility. Therefore the whole network was divided into segments that consist of terminal nodes, OADM, and amplification nodes. Backbone network allows an add/drop operation on terminal nodes of a 32 wavelength in each direction, which provides a carrying capacity of 10 GB/s. The design of a network will allow the increasing to 64 wavelengths. In spite of a wide extension of segments, the appropriate combination of the chosen solutions as well as equipment allows to avoid the construction of additional units and to significantly decrease the cost of the project. The team of PrioCom also provided consulting services on adjustment, testing and operations of optical equipment.

Building an IP network on the base of MPLS technology connected seven cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Kharkov, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, Simferopol, Odessa, and Lvov, which became the main centers of communication. Apart from the delivery of hardware and software, as well as the implementation of service work on assembling, adjustment, and installation of the network, PrioCom‘s experts also  provided an IT-consulting service, including  an IP-network planning,  traffic engineering, and QoS quality assurance.

MPLS technology allows decreasing of the cost price and increasing of the basic service quality. MPLS technology expands opportunities of routing taking into account many factors. The possibility to classify the traffic on different criteria and to direct the traffic of each class to exactly optimized path allows the manager precisely operate the traffic. This opportunity means more effective network performance, more predictable service quality and flexibility in fast changing users’ needs.


The project created the basis for the development of existing service of data transmission (GPRS/EDGE) and also for introduction of innovative telecommunication service (VoIP, mobile TV, MPLS/VPN for corporate clients).

UMC‘s network is ready for implementation of 3G mobile service.

The implementation of this project allows to develop a branched backbone network and to increase the capacity of the existing data transmission network. This project is especially relevant on the threshold of a CDMA-450 network launch, an expansion of existing mobile service, and an increase of network’s reliability and flexibility.

The technical professional teams of PrioCom and UMC both completed the course of study in Cisco Systems educational center in Monza (Italy). The course provides our specialists with necessary tools to solve the issues on adjustment, testing and operations more efficiently.

The complete project of UМС‘s backbone network modernization was finished in September, 2006.

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