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Client profile

Ukrsotsbank JSCB was established in September, 1990, and now ranks among the biggest Ukrainian banks. The Ukrsotsbank JSCB network encompasses 509 offices, including 477 off-balance offices, 5 affiliated branches and 27 regional branches. The bank employs more than 10.3 thousand officers.

The Bank’s authorised capital amounts to UAH 370 million. Net assets of the Bank as of September 1, 2006, equalled UAH 13 ,929,703 thousand, the credit portfolio — UAH 10,064,313 thousand. Time and current deposits of legal entities on that date totalled UAH 6 billion 85 million, of individuals — UAH 4,073,199 thousand. The Bank’s capital as of 1.09.2006 reached UAH 1,480,186 thousand, the current financial result on the same date — UAH 194,692 thousand.

One of the leading European banks, Banca Intesa of Italy, in February, 2006 signed an agreement of purchase 85.42% of Ukrsotsbank shares for $1.16 billion — a record-high price for Ukraine’s banking system. With time, Banca Intesa plans to pool 88.1% of Ukrsotsbank shares.


Goals of the Project

  • Replacement of the Bank’s software employing a distributed database with a centralised solution providing online access for remote users to the system database.
  • Acceleration of servicing the Bank’s clients – holders of plastic payment and credit cards, guarantee of trouble-free functioning of the system and reliable records storage.


The system of servicing CARDMAKE international payment cards was developed by PrioCom in line with the functional requirements set by Ukrsotsbank JSCB. The main features of CardMake system include centralised processing and storage of data of clients: individuals and legal entities, their emission and card contracts. The system has a duplex interface for interaction with Way4 processing system, ProFIX\Bank and SBON+ local accounting systems.

The system is designed in the three-level client-server architecture employing a thin client with a view of minimisation of the traffic between a client and the server group:

  • the Bank’s Head Office houses the data processing and storage centre;
  • the Head Office also houses a communication server for communication with Way4;
  • balance branches accommodate communication servers for communication with ProFIX\Bank and SBON + bank automation systems;
  • an agent for operation within the CardMake system is installed at user PCs;
  • all mentioned levels of the system interact with one another using TCP\IP protocol.


The CardMake system enables the Bank’s officers to perform the full range of operations for execution, issue and subsequent servicing of payment and credit cards from remote working places:

  • input and modification of the client background information, used for printout of the required documents;
  • establishment and modification of card accounts;
  • order of basic and auxiliary cards (for the main account holder or for another person);
  • modification of the tariff package of card accounts;
  • establishment of a credit facility limit with a two-level control system;
  • extension of the card validity term;
  • reissue of damaged, lost, stolen (card of PIN code) cards;
  • establishment and removal of limitations on the amount and number of operations of cash drawing from the card;
  • card blockade and withdrawal from circulation;
  • closure of cards with or without a waiting period;
  • group establishment of clients (for salary projects);
  • group transactions with cards and card accounts;
  • replenishment of card accounts (automatic generation of entries during a banking day);
  • generation of a statement of account and a report of the client’s indebtedness;
  • servicing Pozychkovyi Mizhnarodnyi product (interaction with SBON+ and banking day ProFIX\Bank systems);
  • servicing Koshyk, Kredytka, Oshchadnyi products (establishment of connection among client accounts). 

The CardMake system enables prompt introduction of new card products to the market, while guaranteeing the high quality and a uniform standard of client servicing across the entire Bank system.

Full-scale operation of the system at JSCB Ukrsotsbank commenced in April, 2006.

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