Development of the Initial Accounting DataWarehouse for National Joint Stock Insurance Company Oranta

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Profile of the Customer

National Joint Stock Insurance Company (NJSIC) Oranta is the leading company in the classical insurance market of Ukraine. The company has the widest agent and representative network in the country: 536 separate affiliates and about 5.5 thousand points for sale of insurance products. NJSIC Oranta proposes to the market over 50 types of insurance that satisfy the needs of actually all categories of the customers.


Project Tasks

The project tasks are the establishment of the centralized solution making it possible according to the certain regulation the accumulation and processing of the initial accounting data from the decentralized and various accounting sub-systems for the satisfaction of the needs of the business as to the solution of the analytical, managerial tasks and the construction of the centralized accounting.

Solution should:

  • provide the monitoring and analysis of the company structures activity through the establishment of the business-rules and the control of their observance;
  • provide the unification of the accounting rules and reference information over all multi-affiliate company structure;
  • decrease the expenses for the collection and formation of the managerial and analytical accounting over all company;
  • provide the access to the actual information in the real time mode.


The information DataWarehouse of NJSIC Oranta is the original development of PrioCom Company. The solution functions successfully in Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 operational systems on the basis of Oracle Database Management System (DBMS) and in case of necessity it is easily transferred to other relation databases.

The load and control system is performed in three-level Client-Server architecture:

  1. DataWarehouse level;
  2. data processing level;
  3. data input and presentation level.

All specified system levels interact with one another according to TCP/IP protocol. 

For data processing (applications) level the original system core of PrioCom company development is used, making it possible to create quickly and with high quality the applications of various business-orientation. The data processing level is realized in 3 program servers:

  • server of environment;
  • server of support and management of users (clerks);
  • server of communication (gateways) with outside systems.

Data input and presentation level, just as data processing level is realized on the basis of the original system core making it possible to develop the applications operating successfully in the circumstances of Ukraine, taking into consideration the communication conditions, especially at the periphery and often equipping of the end users work places with low throughput techniques.

The system makes minimal demands to the personal workstations of the users, because it is realized according to the ideology of “Subtle Client”. Therefore, all functional part of the system is at the server in the stored procedures, and Windows- or Web-application intended for the visualization functions at the client work place. The system of the analytical data presentation is equipped with the set of the configurable work places that allow forming the specified reports, as well as their analytical and graphical presentation.

The data processing level is backed up through the location of the application servers fulfilling the same functions at several computers that may be territorially dispersed (provided by the use of “cellular” principle. The same method makes it possible to upgrade the system throughput (scaling) through the load allocation between various computers. The DataWarehouse level is backed up and scaled by the regular means of DBMS.   



In the result of the realization of the project the customer got the tool for the management of the multi-affiliate insurance company activity providing the management and analysts with the tested information both on the insurance and financial activity of the company.  

The information DataWarehouse makes it possible to fulfill the tasks at any level of decisions making:

  • concerning the monitoring of the affiliates activity in the real time mode;
  • concerning the fixing of the business-rules and the control of their observance in the automatic mode;
  • concerning the data collection about the affiliates activity with the randomly specified periodicity;
  • and, as the main factor, concerning the prevention at the initial stage of the solution fulfillment or operation that can cause the losses to the company. 

The main functions of the system are the following:

  1. the administration of the information DataWarehouse;
  2. the administration of the safety system, the determination of the authorities and access rights;
  3. the provision of the regulation of the data load to the information data storage;
  4. the monitoring function;
  5. the control module;
  6. the business-analyst. 

The produced information DataWarehouse is designed for the continuous operation mode. Its unique feature is in the following parameters:  

  • the flexible adjustment for any information source systems, the exchange file structure; 
  • the use of the automated controls and automated aggregates/reports;
  • the adjustability to the file exchange or online operation with data sources;
  • the adjustment to the simultaneous independent (or dependent) operation of the random quantity of the customer affiliates – both balance and unbalance, with random quantity of the hierarchical levels;
  • the flexible scheme of the differentiation of the rights and authorities of the users that allows configuring the functional automated work places accepted from the customer;
  • the easy integration of the information technical protection means being the corporative standards of the customer.

Due to the centralized architecture of the system, all expenses concerning the realization of the solution, and in particular, non-repeat investments and expenses for the operation and service of all complex are performed at the central office. The scaled solution allows the installation of the users work places without any additional expenses for the hardware and software, whereas at the decentralized model the expenses would have been multiplied by the quantity of the implementation points. 

The information data storage was successfully implemented in the industrial operation in NJSIC Oranta in January 2005.

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