Credit Activity Management System for Ukrsotsbank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank

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Profile of the Customer

Ukrsotsbank Joint-Stock Commercial Bank ("a Bank for Social Development") is one of the largest Ukrainian banks, which form the entire banking system of the country. Ukrsotsbank is a reliable and well-diversified financial institution, which works successfully to the benefit of its customers during more than 13 years. Approximately 9 thousand qualified specialists work in the Bank. Network of its branches service over 118 thousand corporate customers and 400 thousand private persons. Share of Ukrsotsbank in the entire national market of banking services is equal to approximately 5%.


Goals of the Project

  • To implement possibility of management of each loan contract by the Bank's top managers up to the moment of conclusion of such contract;
  • To organize on-line exchange of information with the systems, which automatically makes a general ledger (with the help of the system for automation of banking operational days, ABS) from two different manufacturers (moreover, these general ledgers are based on different database — Oracle and Informix)



Credit Activity Management System for of for Ukrsotsbank JSCB is an original design project implemented by PrioCom; this system is based on WINDOWS operating system, as well as on ORACLE database.

The system is realized on the basis of a three-level "client-server" architecture with utilization of a so-called "thin client" (a low-power network client terminal) and with taking into account the necessity to minimize traffic connected with exchange of information between "the client" and the server group:

  • center for information processing and storing is situated in the Bank's Headquarter ;
  • communication servers are situated at the Bank's balance branches; these servers are used for connection with Automatization of Bank Systems (ABS);
  • application program is installed on the work computers of users; this program ensures work in the system;
  • all above-mentioned levels interact with each other with the help of TCPIP protocol.



As of the result of implementation of this Project, Ukrsotsbank has obtained a unique (for Ukraine) system for management of credit activity. This system is absolutely self-sufficient in order to perform its business functions. It is equipped with a bi-directional interface for interaction with other systems (including interaction with the systems for automation of banking operational days, ABS) with a guaranteed operational capability during 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The system also has a single center for information processing and storing, as well as a distributed network of work places of users, which operate in on-line regime. 

Basic specific features of the developed system for management of credit activity are as follows:

  • possibility of operation with the help of telecommunication lines having various traffic capacity, minimization of traffic connected with exchange of information, as well as practical implementation of mechanism of "economy" connection through switched circuits;
  • simultaneous operation (independent or dependent) of any number of the Bank's branches (both balance branches, and off-balance ones) with any number of hierarchical levels;
  • flexible scheme of differentiation of users' rights and capacities; this scheme simplifies process of configuring the network of full-functional work stations by the Bank's system administrator;
  • simple integration with facilities for technical protection of information; these facilities are the Bank's corporate standard;
  • scalability of the proposed solution — users' work stations may be organized even with the help of PC with installed Windows 95 operating system or higher;
  • exclusion of possibility of "manual" corrections of the data that are stored in the database; this fact ensures 100% reliability of the relevant data;
  • guaranteed and simultaneous establishment of a single policy and accounting rules for the entire network of the Bank's branches, as well as guaranteed and simultaneous establishment of a single methodology for performance of transactions (with support of a single reference data).

This system was successfully put in operation in Ukrsotsbank in March 2003.

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