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Creation of enterprise IT infrastructure requires considerable consumption of resources and time. The large number of equipment and software should be bought, installed and launched in order to build corporate network and to organize data storage and transfer. It results in capital investments, constant operational expenses and requires qualified IT employees.

PrioCom offers cloud model realization of infrastructure solutions – Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). IaaS provides an enterprise with the access to required resources without installing them on its territory. PrioCom cloud services include:

Buying PrioCom cloud services an enterprise acquires not equipment, but capacities to store and process data, opportunity to transfer various data types and bandwidth. Such a realization scheme enables flexible IT resource scalability, responsiveness to configurations changes and efficiency to launch new services. It allows:

  • to minimize capital expenses for IT infrastructure,
  • to reduce time to implement IT solutions,
  • to decrease operational expenses,
  • to reduce the load of IT service.

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