Cloud Data Center

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PrioCom provides Cloud data center services for enterprises to rent the capacities of our platform in order to create own IT infrastructure (IaaS). Having only an access point, an enterpise has own autonomous, completely secure data center at the disposal.

The realization of the Cloud data center allows:

  • to manage the number of virtual servers and their capacity, to manage machines and network configuration required for corporate applications,
  • to plan the server load for particular periods of time - when required, to switch on the additional machines or switch off the superfluous ones,
  • to install and manage any OS and applications.

The security and technical support of the Cloud data center is provided by PrioCom.

Cloud data center enables an enterprise:

  • to concentrate on the core business without spending efforts to create and support the data center,
  • to enhance business flexibility and adaptability to the developing modern technologies,
  • to provide the regular secure access to the corporate data and applications for all subsidiaries and remote employees,
  • to reduce capital expenses for IT equipment and operational ones – for data center support,
  • to manage modern high-tech data center with optimal spendings.

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