Fault Management

Listen to the network pulse

The distributed telecommunication infrastructure, represented by various producers, constantly generates a vast amount of diverse messages – fault, informing ones, alerts, etc. In a high flow of these messages it is difficult to identify their importance, priority, impact on services accessibility for even highly-qualified personnel.

Fault management system allows to automate the receipt, processing of and reaction on all the messages coming from network, and to enable a flexible set-up of the priority and reaction rules. The processing capacity and reaction rapidity does not depend on human factor.

PrioCom offers solutions for telecommunication infrastructure monitoring and management based on IBM Tivoli Netcool. PrioCom solution creates a unified monitoring and control system of an "umbrella" type, which allows to solve the following tasks:

  • collection and normalization of fault messages data,
  • centralized consolidation of enterprise infrastructure elements’ data,
  • services accessibility control for key customers,
  • root cause analyses,
  • enrichment of fault messages by information from other systems,
  • reaction on faults of various characters,
  • reporting in real time regime.

The results of system implementation cover:

  • time reduction of reaction on faults of infrastructure and key customers services,
  • possibility to implement and control new services on SLA provisioning,
  • reduction of operation expenses for round-the-clock quality monitoring and control services.
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