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To ensure reliable and high quality operation of an operator network, PrioCom established the technical support service, designed to provide prompt expert maintenance of the operator infrastructure. Operation of the service rests on the universally recognized and practically tested ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology.  

PrioCom company offers service support packages covering any required level of the operator network reliability.

Service maintenance may be provided according to one of the following schemes:

  1. Audit of operator networks.

  2. Proactive support.

  3. Reactive support.

Audit of operator networks

Audit of operator networks is defined as comprehensive check of the operator infrastructure, in the result of which, the Customer obtains a report of the quality of the network operation, its specifications, defects, bottlenecks and recommendations for optimization and enhancement of the network reliability and removal of those vulnerabilities.

Audit of operator networks enables:

  • troubleshooting;
  • detection of possible problems before planned changes;
  • optimization of investments in network modification at the expense of strict correspondence of recommended changes to the level of tasks;
  • identification of a clear strategy of infrastructure development.

Proactive support

Proactive support involves a set of measures intended to prevent failure. For proactive support, the system is subject to audit and continuous monitoring.

Many troubleshooting activities in different network subsystems are performed remotely. For that, a separate control system is used for each type of network. Where necessary, remote control of network appliances is used. As a rule, its procedure is determined by regulations and involves use of VPN tunnels. At that, remote monitoring or interference in the system are practiced only in case of occurrence of a failure or a problem situation. 

Reactive support

Reactive support is defined as restoration of network functionality, analysis of the situation and generation of recommendations for prevention of possible failures in the future.

In line with the Service Level Agreement (SLA), the quality of provided services depends on the type of failure. Dependent on the type of failure, the time of response and restoration of network functionality is determined. In case of a critical failure the system is restored within 2–4 hours. A major failure is liquidated within 24 hours, a minor failure — within a month.

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