Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing, CWDM

Listen to the network pulse

CWDM technology is a simplified variant of DWDM technology, which is based on utilization of wavelengths with the increments that are equal to 20 nm (that is, they are situated in the spectrum with sufficiently distant gaps between each other); this feature results in the lesser cost of CWDM-systems as compared with DWDM-systems.

A restricting factor of utilization of this technology is connected with a small number of channels (with the help of standard systems it is possible to organize up to 8 channels that can be multiplexed), and the lesser length of transmission lines. The main areas of utilization of CWDM technologies in the conditions of deficit of free optical fibers and necessity of broadening of carrying capacity of the already existing networks are the optical networks at the urban and regional levels. If a bigger number of channels will be necessary, a switch to DWDM technology will be inevitable, because of only in this case the required capacity will be ensured (due to the narrower interval between the channels).

Schematic Diagram of CWDM


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