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Contact-Center is an automated system servicing telephone calls with or without telephone operator’s support.

According to the input algorithm, the System performs the following functions:

  • receipt of a call and identification of subscriber;
  • call queuing;
  • call redirection to free telephone lines;
  • possibility of subscribers’ connection with any service of the Company by mere pressing a relevant telephone button (tone mode required);
  • providing reference (advertising, commercial, etc.) information in an automatic or semiautomatic mode;
  • possibility to obtain information in the voice mode or by fax;
  • automatic dialing-up and transmission of a voice (or fax) message to the Company database;
  • special signaling system (e.g., emergency) among programmed subscribers.

The advantages of using the Contact-Center include:

  • simplicity of user interaction (only a telephone set is required);
  • possibility of receipt of a number of calls without the operator’s involvement (relevant motto: A client who failed to get through to you becomes your competitor’s client");
  • the system is never tired, always polite and in a "good mood";
  • low system’s costs  as compared with the cost of an operator;
  • a customer can receive exhaustive information about the company, services and goods offered thereby within a few seconds, not taking the operator’s time;
  • possibility of fast connection with any structural unit of the company;
  • prestige value of applying the system.

Information and Reference System: interactive provision of subscribers with various information (in voice mode or by fax) with the aid of programmable operation scenarios and possibility of getting through to the operators.

Information and Reference System as one of the Contact-Center functions.

The system represents a manageable set of recorded sound files responding to subscribers’ FAQ. Using the system, the customers can get information about the company and its services, listen to advertising, commercial or any other information at any time of the day calling from any place whatsoever.

Communication with the Information and Reference System is activated merely by pressing the relevant telephone (tone mode) buttons. A customer can receive all requested information either in voice or in fax mode. 

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