Corporate networks

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Corporate network unites enterprise subsidiaries, including those that are remote from each other, and creates a unified space for rapid data exchange and joint work with corporate resources.

PrioCom builds corporate virtual private networks - VPN for enterprises. The VPN is based on using channels of global network (WAN). It enables to connect enterprise’s remote subsidiaries without building separate network physically.

VPN unites all offices in a unified network infrastructure, provides an uninterrupted work of IT resources and protection of internal traffic. Besides, VPN allows to organize secure access to the corporate network for the employees who work remotely.

VPN building by PriCom is distinguished by:

  • optimal models according to the requirements of any separate enterprise,
  • realization of network solutions of any complexity level – from basic one to the solution of operator class,
  • complex approach to the security,
  • network adaptation for high-quality voice and video data transfer.

VPN from PrioCom

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