Data Centers

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In the modern world the information volume is doubled every year and, at the same time, the business pace increases. In order to be successful, companies should not only just manage large data volumes, but should manage them quickly and efficiently.

Understanding the modern business requirements, PrioCom creates effective and reliable solutions for data storage and processing - data centers.

The solution is based on the principles of access to corporate resources via network and virtualization, which distributes the load among the equipment evenly and enables the uninterrupted work of the solutions.

Our solutions facilitate the efficient data storage, back-up and recovery, guaranteed accessibility to all corporate applications. Herewith, the geographic location of data and servers doesn’t matter - one can work with data from any place, having access interface and Internet connection. If required, it is possible to organize access from any mobile device.

One can create the data center with own efforts. But this task also can be outsourced to the company specializing in it. Building, modernizing or supporting a data center with PrioCom allows a company to cut down expenses, minimize IT-risks and reduce terms and efforts.

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