Unified Communications

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PrioCom offers Unified Communications solutions for enterprises with any territorial distribution and of any mobility level.

Unified Communications create a common corporate collaboration environment by uniting various communication channels – IP telephony (VoIP), WAN channels, video-connection, mail, instant messages. The Unified Communications by PrioCom allows:

  • to enable co-work of employees inside and outside the offices,
  • to provide a unified connection point with customers and partners,
  • to organize tele- and video-conferences for remote employees,
  • to enable all communication types from one device,
  • to integrate corporate communication means with mobile devices.

The implementation effect covers:

  • reduction of expenses for interurban connection and business trips,
  • reduction of time to find colleagues and to organize meetings,
  • efficiency to solve everyday tasks and to plan business time,
  • opportunity to create unified corporate communication standards.

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